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Architectural Rendering & Virtual Tours

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At ShapeSpace, we use our experience in architectural visualization, real estate videography and marketing to give our clients dynamic visual and interactive experiences. We’re able to bring real estate projects to life using architectural rendering that allows buyers to experience what their new home will be like. Our team builds our clients cutting-edge 3D architectural models, architectural rendering and virtual tours that will take your project from a traditional real estate development into a place where potential buyers are truly able to see themselves living. It is clear that the only way to stay relevant in the real estate world is to have compelling architectural visualization as part of your marketing strategy.



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Your brand has a story and we’re here to help you tell it in a way that will make it matter to your audience. Video production has become the way businesses are reaching new customers, but if your video isn’t compelling, it can be easy to ignore. Our award-winning video studio and videographers work with clients to figure out exactly what their story is and the best way to use video production services to tell it – whether that means creating a commercial, corporate video, real estate video, animated explainer or documentary film. ShapeSpace will take your video to the next level using specialized visual effects. Our VFX team of motion graphic designers can create a wide range of convincing visual effects including natural animation, photo-realistic environments and lighting.


Extended reality

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What sets top organizations apart from those who are stuck in the past are Extended Reality (XR) experiences. ShapeSpace works with clients to discover what aspects of virtual reality technology can help them reach their objectives. Using XR video production you can stand out from the competition, increase engagement and accelerate growth. Through the use of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and 360 Video we can help you push the boundaries of marketing to your audience by utilizing technology to engage with your advocates, potential customers and more. Our specialized team uses the latest technology to deliver immersive experiences that create the best possible outcome for both customers and our clients.