Lives Begin

Digital Storytelling

The Calgary Drop-in & Rehab Centre is a local non-profit organization that has been serving Calgary for over 50 years. Often referred to as ‘The DI’, it is the largest organization of its kind in North America. In order to bring in donations during the holiday season and create awareness about homelessness, they needed a powerful video that tackled the societal issues and misconceptions surrounding people experiencing homelessness.


Video Production

A direction and artistic tone was put together by our video production team for a video depicting the story of how homelessness begins and how it can also come to an end. In preparation for the shoot custom camera rigs were created by our videographers and casting began, making sure to include people from the DI community. This digital short reached hundreds of thousands of Calgarians on multiple platforms. The result was a large increase in donations, even though the city was experiencing a heavy economic downturn in the province.