The Fifth

Architectural Rendering

Udachny azithromycin price watsons The Fifth by Tak Developments is one of the hottest new condos in Calgary in the heart of the Red Mile at the intersection of 17th Avenue and 5th Street. The boutique retail and residential condominium development is on one of the most vibrant corners in Calgary close to shopping, restaurants and exciting nightlife. The five-storey building has 13,500 square feet of retail space and 48 one and two bedroom condominiums.


VR Tours

Kurihashi prednisolone 5mg for sale We worked with The Fifth to create unique immersive experiences to entice potential homeowners. We started by creating a number of 3D architecture models so that prospective purchasers could easily ‘walk’ through this amazing property. Architectural rendering and virtual tours were then created to bring the project to life using architectural animation that allowed buyers to truly experience what their new home will be like. This client also wanted to stand out from competitors by using Virtual Reality technology for their tours. Using VR production we were able to put potential buyers in these spaces and push the boundaries of traditional real estate experiences.