Architectural Rendering

Takhatpur partnersuche in dortmund eckernförde Located in the vibrant Victoria Park district of downtown Calgary, The Underwood is a 31-storey tower adjacent to Central Memorial Park. Designed by Zeidler BKDI Architects for Western Securities, the Underwood is the counterpart to the 2009 Union Square tower next door. The Underwood is a rental building that will bring around 200 new residents to the thriving urban neighbourhood.


3D Architecture Working with The Underwood, ShapeSpace created a number of 3D architecture models using carefully planned camera angles that demonstrated the unique design of the units. Architectural rendering was then done using specialized 3D rendering software to showcase the custom features of each unit. Virtual tours then provided an interactive real estate experience with 360 panoramic views to show potential renters what their space will look like.