Extended Reality

Experience things differently

https://almawaridmep.com/63524-online-dating-site-vadodara-26325/ Through the use of XR (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360 Video) ShapeSpace is able to help brands connect to audiences in a totally innovative way. We utilize the latest virtual reality technology to engage with potential customers. Our specialized team uses cutting-edge software to deliver captivating experiences that create the best possible outcome for customers and clients. This is what separates top organizations from those who follow the traditional ways of marketing. ShapeSpace works with you to discover what aspects of virtual reality technology can help you reach your objectives. Using this type of video production, you can truly stand out from the competition and increase engagement and accelerate growth.

Virtual Reality

gay hookup sites in millbrook alabama The storytelling capabilities of virtual reality have made it one of the fastest growing ways for businesses and brands to educate, engage and entice their customers. By captivating them with an immersive virtual reality environment, you have an edge over your competition. Our team is able to create an experience that allows potential buyers and customers to place themselves within the environment that we have specifically designed for them.

Augmented Reality

uneventfully gay matchmaking near chantilly va Augmented reality allows you to put a customized digital layer on top of the real world. Because AR applications are performed in real time and in the context of users’ unique environments, our team is able to create AR experiences that instantly interact with and manipulates the surrounding world. Augmented reality is an accessible and shareable way for businesses to connect with their customers and get them engaged with your product or services. The decision-making process will be much easier by bringing a whole new world to life through a mixed reality.

360º Video

hp j4680 driver download Vīrarājendrapet With 360 videos, you can completely surround the viewer, allowing them to view and
navigate a video in all directions. This gives the user the power to choose where they want to look and what direction they want to explore. Using 360 video, brands are able to engage with viewers in ways linear video has never been able to. With statistically longer view times and increased engagement, you will see an increase in brand recognition and sales.